After a successful FIFTH SEASON, the infamous Summer Slams return! Every summer we throw out the rules (well, some of them!) and switch things up with new hosts and themes for each slam. Here’s the schedule for this summer:

  • May 16th – Cover Slam!
    Compete using poems written by someone else! Or your own as usual!
  • June 20th – Cos Play Slam!
    Dress up as a character from your poem! Or write a poem for a character from anime or your favorite movie! Or any other character you want. Costumes == allowed.
  • July 18th –  What It Means to Be _______!
    Our identity slam! Tell the story of who you are & where you come from. What It Means to Be Chicano! What It Means to Be LGBTQI! What It Means to Be a Nerd! What It Means to Be a Tucsonan! Etc!
  • August 15th – Music Slam! Hosted by Zoe & TBA
    Bring your music for your poem! Rap! Sing! Sound effects? Sure! Bring sound ready to go on your phone & we’ll plug it in.

As always, slams are every 3rd Saturday of the month at Bentley’s House of Coffee & Tea on Speedway. Workshops start at 5pm and the slams start at 7pm and end around 9pm. Unless noted above, all other info is the same.