On September 21st, 2014, I received an anonymous question asking if I would ever date someone who wasn’t Mexican.

Now, while stupid, it is a valid question.
Many say it can be a challenge to date someone of a different background, and doing so often results in the suppressing of one’s customs, language, etc.

So, my answer to you, wonderful anonymous person of the internet, is yes, because we are all the same.

Well, no, technically we’re not the same at all.
We’re just not built the same and with the intent to do the same things.

For example, a brown boy may struggle to reach the top shelf, similar to how a white boy probably can’t get down to a cumbia.

I pay attention to the differences in customs and colors because they’re too special to ignore.

But instead of letting those differences divide us, let them bring us together.
Get to know each other. Get a little interesting.

If we date,
I want you to tell me about your culture, baby. Let’s talk about what kind of food your mom makes, baby.
I love it when you talk to me about your grandparents, baby.

Tell me your story, baby, whether your family came here 300 years ago or 5 years ago or if they were here this whole time.
The point is that you’re here
And this is now, and

When it gets down to business, I don’t care whether your skin is brown or black or red or yellow or white.
I’ll look you in the eyes and love it, regardless of color.

And tonight, baby, I wanna dig my nails deep into your roots. I wanna talk all night long. So much so that by the next day, I’ll have had lost my voice. I love that big background of yours. And I want you to turn me into an expert.

Use that mouth to teach me your language
Use those hips to show me your moves
Use those hands to cook your favorite meals for me

Indulge me in your customs and your culture and the rights and the wrongs because I would rather learn from you than from some fucking textbook.

Tell me about God and what role he plays in your life.
Tell me why you wear your clothes that way or why you eat your meals that way.

I want you to be proud of your culture
Celebrate the victories your people made
Learn from the mistakes your people made
Fill in the blanks
Connect the dots
Teach me what you know and let’s learn what you don’t together

Baby just please, don’t strain yourself making that accent.
Don’t tuck your faith underneath your shirt
Don’t hide behind layers of neutral-colored shame and regret
Peel back the layers, share your knowledge
Because dating someone should never mean abolishing your roots.