Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam!  2014 was an incredible year for us, and it couldn’t have been possible without your support! Here is a sneak peek of what TYPS will be doing this year:


The first ever Teacher Slam, January 17th!

This kicks off 2015 and the rest of the slam season will lead us into …


The 5th annual TYPS All City Championships, April 18th!
All youth slam poets who have competed in any slam of the 2014-2015 season will be eligible for the Championships. Keep an eye out for the sign-ups, space is limited. But we don’t stop there, join us for …


The Summer Slams!
Slams in the summer months are always unique–keep tuned in here for upcoming slam themes and practice expanding your creativity. Maybe we will have another Comedy Slam or Cosplay Slam!


We are so excited for 2015, and hope you are too! Have a safe and happy New Year, and we will see you on January 17!

Much love,

Tucson Youth Poetry Slam!