It’s official! The following poets are the 2014 TYPS Championship Poets who will be competing in the All-City Championship on Saturday April 26th at the Gallagher Theater in the UA Student Union!

These are Southern Arizona’s youth spoken word poets taking their art to the next level, don’t miss them.

  1. Eva S
  2. Lydia H
  3. Zoe K
  4. Emma A
  5. Jose M
  6. Estefania G
  7. Gabrielle G
  8. Jesus G
  9. Antonio H
  10. Maria G
  11. Jeremy A
  12. Valerie V
  13. Odalys C
  14. Rudy P
  15. Jacqueline F

In addition to performing in Saturday’s Championship, these poets will be participating in a week of workshops, VIP readings, a dinner, and more! Poets: check your email for details!