The TYPS 2013-14 season is coming down to the wire. Saturday, March 15was the penultimate slam before the championships, and it is easy to say now: this slam is ON FIRE!

At 5:00, poets were given an incredible workshop by the one and only Carlos Contreras, who came to us all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Carlos had us working with lines from our favorite songs, then had us create an “exquisite corpse”—a type of poem that is created by different lines of different poems, by different people. During his feature, he was joined by special guest Hakim Bellamy, who you may remember as our September feature! Hakim and Carlos shared fantastic pieces, about topics that varied from the Vietnam War to a fear of time (fact: that’s called chronomentrophobia).

Our eight competing poets brought the house down, as did our first time DJ, Jirasol! February slam winner Zoe K. graced the stage once again with a poem about the incredibly unfamiliar ocean, which you can see here.

As our season begins to wrap up, we must, as always, thank Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea for housing our slam, as well as our volunteer timekeeper, scorekeeper, and videographer. And of course, the entire Tucson Youth Poetry Slam could not be possible without our audience and supporters! Thank you so very much!

Congrats to this month’s winners!

Overall slam:

  1. Kendall Z.
  2. Jose M.
  3. Jackie F.


Please remember that April 19 is the LAST SLAM to participate in that qualifies you for our championships! Also, you can find out how to sign up for the championships here.


Check out videos from our winner and features!