No poet was lonely the day after Valentine’s Day—they had TYPS!

Last weekend, we once again gathered at Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea for the February slam. Our workshop was led by our feature, TYPS alumni Amy Briseno! Amy incorporated visual art into the work when she had the poets draw self-portraits—without looking in a mirror or at the camera in their phone. Then, she showed us how to write love letters to ourselves on our bad days, giving us all one giant confidence booster. During her feature showcase, Amy shared incredibly moving poems on the school system in Los Angeles and living in Tucson, as well as 20 love letters to herself (written right after her 21st birthday)!

During the slam, we had 10 competing poets, with three first timers. We also had special sorbets from elementary school-aged guests Margot and Tucson, and Amy’s mother Eloisa! DJ Queue once again joined us to share awesome tunes in between poems, too! January Slam winner Jose M. joined the stage for his second spotlight performance this season, sharing with us some incredibly wise advice for poets.

We all had an amazing time, and as always, it could not have been possible without Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea, as well as our volunteer videographer, time keeper, and score keeper! And of course, a big thank you to our audience, who took part in our first ever Valentine exchange between the poets and the crowd!

Congrats to this month’s winners!

Overall slam:

  1. Zoe K.
  2. Lydia H.
  3. Gabi G.

First timer’s slam:

  1. Kameo H.

Check out these videos from our winner and feature!

And an announcement! TYPS officially has an Instagram! You can find our super cool pics at @TucsonYouthPoetrySlam!