We have officially rung in the New Year with buckets and buckets of poetry!

On January 18th, we gathered at the lovely Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea for the first slam of the year. We had 13 competing poets grace the stage, 7 of which were first timers! (woop woop!)¬† We were also lucky to have our very own DJ Queue come back, with even more great beats– and this time, they came from vinyls!

This month, our feature was Aaron Johnson, the owner of Lawn Gnome Books and Publishing in Phoenix, a proud lefthander, and a harmonica player– who can beatbox at the same time! During the workshop, Aaron showed us how to write a “Million Dollar Haiku” and Fishbowl Poetry, and also shared some tips on how we can beatbox. During his feature performance, Aaron shared beautiful yet hysterical love and coming-of-age poems, and then came back in the second round to perform an extremely moving poem on Alzheimer’s.

As the winner of last month’s slam, Lydia H. was able to come right before Round 3 and read a new poem! You can see it here.

This was a great way to start off the year, and we are so lucky to have the support we do! As always, special thanks to Bentley’s for staying up late for us, as well as our volunteer time and score keepers, and videographers! Shouts out to our lovely hosts Araceli and Alexia, as well as our wonderful audience!

Congratultions to this month’s winners!

Overall slam:

1. Jose M.
2. Estefania G.
3. Maria G.

First timers’ slam:

1. Zoe K.

Check out these videos from our  feature and winner!