There is no better way to bring families together than with the arts and passion, and that is exactly what we did at our third annual FAMILY SLAM!

On December 14, we had a full house, as countless families packed themselves into Bentley’s. We also had the joy of having 15 elementary school children from Vail join in on our workshop, and a few of them even spat their works on the mic! We also gave away a ton of fabulous prizes (mugs, candy, hot chocolate, and so much more), and even had a couple of family members share their own words!

For the first time ever, TYPS had a DJ! Our very own Enrique Garcia put together countless songs to play in between poems, bringing even more vibrance to the slam.

Our features this month were the very own co-directors of TYPS, Logan Phillips and Sarah Gonzales. They read each other’s beautiful work, and then came together to spit a duet poem that followed the workshop prompt! (“When I was in high school…”)

As always, a big shout out to our spotlight feature for the month, Emma A., who once again made us laugh so hard we cried with her comedy poems. You can see her performance here.

We are always so grateful to those who make the TYPS possible, especially Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea, for housing the slam and staying open late for us. Big-thank you’s to our scorekeeper, time keeper, and videographer this month, and, of course, to our supportive audiences!

Congrats to this month’s winners!

First timer’s slam:

  1. Josue O.

Overall slam:

  1. Lydia H.
  2. Jose M.
  3. Wildman A.

We will of course see you all in the new year (January 18th!), and hope you all have very happy holidays!

Check out videos from our feature and our winner!