The poets of the 2013-14 season are BRINGING THE HOUSE DOWN!
November 16 marked our third consecutive packed house this season, and for the first time, TYPS had a slam that was color schemed! Anybody who wore a shade of green to the November slam was entered in a raffle to win a gift certificate to Bentley’s! Our winner was Cecilia, who wore a beautiful green, yellow, and black dress.
TYPS also had an alumni feature, something that had only happened once before!  In our workshop, Zack Taylor helped our poets focus on making our insecurities  beautiful, and how to create alter egos for ourselves. As our feature, Zack shared three  powerful poems about queer youth that made the crowd go wild.
Also, a big shout-out to the winner of the October slam, and this month’s  spotlight, Jose M. He shared with us an absolutely moving poem on Saturday, which you  can see here.

In a time of giving thanks, we are so very thankful to those who have made our slams possible. Enormous thank-yous to Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea, for being so  hospitable every month. We also are very grateful for those who volunteered as  videographer, time keeper, and score keeper this month, and our audience, who were so supportive to our poets!
Congrats to this month’s winners!
First Timer’s Prize:
1. Mikayla P.
Overall Slam:
1. Emma A.
2. Lydia H.
3. Estefania G.
Remember that December’s slam is on the second Saturday, not the third. Also
remember that it is our annual FAMILY SLAM!

Check out videos from our feature and winner!