Our story telling slam was a huge success and we have ALL OF YOU TO THANK!

This was our FIRST story telling slam and a lot of you had some great stories to share with us all! Our crowd was on top of all things audience-y and a great job from our hosts Enrique G. and first-time host Megan D.!

Our workshop also led by our hosts was all about story telling. Instead of focusing on poetry, poets focused on the structure of all storytelling: Intro, conflict, resolution. They then wrote their own stories based on any event or moment they chose!

A lot of great stories were spit including some cool down look backs about ice rinks by Sheila D. and even a record breaking number of stories in one round by Wanya S.!

A huge congrats to June’s winners:

  1. Kendal Z.
  2. Misha T.
  3. Christopher K.

Don’t forget this month is our first ever TECHNOLOGY SLAM! Which means don’t forget to email us your links to whatever you plan to use for your performance! You can use slideshows, videos (with OR without music/sound), or even just backgrounds for effect. And if you missed our story telling slam catch up on some of the vids on our YouTube!