This Saturday, for the first time in TYPS history, we had a technology-themed poetry slam! Inspired by our friend Leon De La Rosa’s doctoral research at the University of Arizona which is looking at the incorporation of internet memes in popular culture as an art form, similar to slam.

During the slam we had a projection screen to add visuals to poems throughout the night. Although only 4 poets signed up to compete, the poets went all three rounds, meaning: the fire was present! Also, our hosts, Zack Taylor and Araceli Montaño did an excellent job in keeping the night hype, doing their famous poem “Boybands” with sufficiently provoking boy band imagery.

Shouts out to Lydia Havens, who not only slammed all three rounds with videos she had recorded herself, but slammed some of her best work yet!

Altogether, it was a successful technology slam, we are even thinking of doing another technology themed again soon.