New Years resolutions are something I never really resolved to make. Considering my “New Year” is a different time of year than it is for everyone else I never really considered December 31st such a big deal. The only thing that always catches my attention, besides the obvious hard to miss fireworks, giant disco balls, etc., is everyone else’s resolve to do a 180 for the year ahead. But if every year we all do a 180, we’d all be doing 360’s every other year and never really change anything. Looking forward to the big picture is always admirable, but I like to think that it’s just as important if not more so to also be able to look back. If we can see where we got lost along the way it only helps our resolve to change directions in our lives with purpose. Which, personally, I think beats going in circles.

This year I was introduced to these two poems that have quickly become two of my favorites. Both of them reflect on the same concept of thinking back or thinking ahead. Thinking back to hard times or looking forward to something we never expected. Two concepts that are the extent of my “New Years Resolutions” that most of us are great at one or the other but finding the balance can be difficult with. So here’s to looking back to what we’ve gained and lost. To what we’ve learned and what we want to forget. And here’s to looking forward. To what we will work for and what we will play. To what we will face and what will face us.