Move over 2011-2012, the 2012-2013 season is coming in hot! The season kickoff this past Saturday, hosted by Logan Phillips and Amy Briseño, rocked the coffee house leaving listening room only in the workshop and standing room only for the slam! We had familiar faces as well as new comers from as far as Casa Grande, and despite some technical difficulties the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam held its own with its very first multi-media feature, Invincible Detroit!

Invincible led the TYPS’ first multi-media workshop, using music and poetry to find connections between Detroit and Tucson and the social issues they share. Invincible also rocked the feature performance with a mix of video, music, and poetry – with and without the mic! Also featured, was a group piece based on the writing workshop performed by Typsters Lakota, Keenia, and Wanya!

Also a first for the TYPS was collaborating on the framework for the new Tucson Youth Poetry Slam Mission Statement – Because the Typsters can prove, few things are as powerful as poetry with a purpose. Led by Slam Coordinator, Amy Briseño, the youth participated in a short writing workshop, expressing what they’ve come to or hope to gain, their visions of the future with the TYPS and, because poets love metaphors, what kind of person they see the TYPS as! As a show of the TYPS transitioning to completely youth run and managed, alumni Alexia Vazquez and Araceli Montaño took charge of time keeping and score keeping, while current TYPS Champ and Youth Coordinator Enrique Garcia was in charge of filming.

A huge congrats to this month’s winners!

  1. 1st – Zack T. (Sunnyside)
  2. 2nd – Jose M. (Sunnyside)
  3. 3rd – Kayla W. (Sahuaro)

Also on the mic:

  • Lakota F. (Casa Grande)
  • Julie B. (Sunnyside)
  • Ilse F. (Pima CC)
  • Sabina P. (UHS)
  • Cassandra V. (Sunnyside)
  • Wanya S. (Pueblo)
  • Keenia S. (Sunnyside)
  • Ashley S. (Pueblo)