We are thrilled to announce that the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam (TYPS) has been selected as a recipient of a 2011 Small Project Grant from the Every Voice in Action Foundation! EViAF is a long-time proponent of youth-led projects in Tucson, and their support has been fundamental in getting the TYPS off the ground over the last 18 months. The $2,000 grant will be used to

  1. partially fund the regular monthly slams, reducing our reliance on donations, (build events)
  2. make matching funds available to schools to bring teaching poets into classrooms, (spark events)
  3. work with the UA Poetry Center to kick off the First Annual Tucson Youth Poetry Slam Championship on 4/30/11, including a special workshop from acclaimed poet Patricia Smith.
We appreciate this important vote of confidence in our youth-led poetry community. In mid-March we will begin a two week fundraising campaign to cover the remaining costs associated with the Championship.
¡Arriba la palabra! ¡Que viva el TYPS y Tucson youth!