Another great slam! The poets from Sunnyside HS dominated again, though many poets from Sonoran Science Academy participated in the workshop with Logan Phillips and a few also competed on the mic. And special props to our middle school participant from Mansfeld MS! Slam co-hosted by Logan Phillips and Maya Asher.

Special thanks to Kurt Fisher, Rachel Paz Riviera, Richard M. Santiago and Josie Madrid-Santiago, and Taylor Johnson for the help with the event!
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Next slam: Saturday, February 12th 2011 @ Bentley’s. Click here for the event on Facebook.

  1. Tony Corral (Sunnyside HS) 30
  2. Jennifer Schmidt (Sunnyside HS) 29.9
  3. Alexis Walters (Sunnyside HS) 29.7
  4. Amy Briceño (Sunnyside HS)
  5. Araceli Montaño (Sunnyside HS)
  6. Betel Nubes (Sonoran Science Academy)
Also participating:
  • Julie Briceño
  • Jocelyn Vega
  • Alex Velasquez
  • Reem Anuti
  • Emilio Rodriguez
  • Adrianna Diaz
  • Larissa Ravago
  • Marlene Moran
  • Sici Cazares
  • Aya Badri