November, cliche as it may sound, is a month to be thankful.

Of course something I am always thankful for, is our not-so-little poetry slam. The Tucson Youth Poetry Slam has grown immensely in its two-going-on-three years as have the youth that are a huge part of it. Even though many of them have “graduated” past the age limit for the competition, the youth continue to throw themselves into the work that it takes to make the monthly slam successful. If it’s a tag team of time and score keepers, a new comer taking the ropes behind the camera for the first time, or a full out poetry family kick-Cancer’s-butt support system with a #hashtag boot, the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam continues with full force.

The recent November monthly slam featuring hot-fire talent from Phoenix, Niccolea M. Nance packed the house yet again and truly demonstrated the power – healing, education and inspirational.

Check out more about what went down at the November Slam here!

Another great opportunity to grasp this November is the chance to give. After all, ’tis the season.
This month we celebrated #GivingTuesday and the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam is so cool, we celebrated it twice. But just because it’s Tuesday or Wednesday November or March doesn’t mean you can’t show us and each other support.

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